4 Fun DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas with Homemade Wall Decor

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Homemade wall decor is much more meaningful as how you make this wall decor with your own hands. Homemade wall decors can be various from first, create a very fancy mirror wall decor with lighting. Simply cut mirrors into small cubes more about 2 or 3 inches and then hang those small mirrors vertically using wire or fishing thread to make many mirrors hangings. Then, simply attach all of those mirror hangings on one single wood stick and decorate those mirror hangings with small lightings that will make the lights look brighter.

Second, create a homemade wall decor that is fun by using an unused window frame. Using an unused window frame can help you create homemade wall decor that is 3D. Steps are very easy from painting the window with fresh paints then attach the frame in the wall. To make it looks more unique, separate the window doors from the frame and then attach them separately beside the main frame with 2 or 3 inches distance. You even can add some pretty fake flowers around the frame.

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Third, make homemade wall decor is fun and cute with fabric canvas. Simply use some round shaped or square shaped wood pallets then cover the entire surfaces with striking and colorful fabrics such as those who have striking colors combinations. Then, simply attach those canvases to the walls and create an attractive wall art in your bedroom.

Lastly, homemade wall decor can be unique with decorated glass canvases. Use 4 unframed square shaped glasses and then attach those glasses to the wall to create a large square. Then, attach some white and black butterflies made from paper to make the glass canvases look much prettier. You even can attach some fancy fake colored flowers or flower petals as embellishments to add accents.

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10 Photos of the 4 Fun DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas with Homemade Wall Decor

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