4 Stunning Ideas for Mirrored Wall Decor That Are Totally Dazzling

mirrored wall decorating ideas

Mirrored wall decor is really fancy because its sparkle and glow makes the overall interior looks brighter. For that, here are 4 stunning ideas for mirrored wall decors which will make your house is glowing. First, you always can use the floral shaped mirrored wall decor which is created from pieces of mirrors which are arranged and form a shape of beautiful flower. This idea works well for creating a simple but fancy look.

Second, go with mirrored wall decor which is quite rustic and classic by gathering your Grandma’s mirrors. Use the old vintage hand mirrors and then simply attach one by one to the wall randomly. This is a mirrored wall decor idea which is really easy to do because you may only need some nails and hammer. As a tip, it is better if you attach each mirror not directly use nails because that may break the mirrors, so you may attach 4 nails with certain size fit with a mirror and bend the nails to support the mirror.

mirror designs

Third, mirrored wall decor can be very simple when you gather many vintage mirrors with various shapes from round, rectangular, oval, square, triangle and even any other unique shaped mirrors and then you can attach all of those varied shaped mirrors to certain spot in your walls. To make it looks more unique, you can use some accent lightings to spot on those mirrors.

Lastly, mirrored wall decor can be modern with the imaginative shaped mirrors which are nowadays more and more creative. You can find a mirror which its shaped looks like a melting mirror or flowing down water, or the leaf shaped mirrors and even sexy lips shaped mirrors. This kind of imaginative and creative shaped mirrors will directly reflect the light beautifully with its striking shape.

mirror designs

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