Adorable Vintage Fireplace Design of Victorian Era

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Vintage fireplace design can be a focal point for the room. It can give such charm, classic and comfortable feeling toward the room. One of the most popular designs of vintage fireplace is Victorian fireplace design. The need of fireplace began in the first time prehistoric people found fire. It is true that heat is one of human basic needs to deal with cold weather. As time goes by, fireplace not only as piece of the heat source but also becomes such definition toward social status of class, taste and wealth especially in Victorian era. The fireplace design of Victorian era is so beautiful, well-polished, and luxurious. So that, this kind of vintage fireplace is gaining popularity among others design of vintage fireplace.

Vintage fireplace design in Victorian era style displays such classical, warmth, elegant and charm vibe toward the room through the admirable ornate details on the fireplace design. This vintage Victorian fireplace design basically consists of two distinctive parts Surround and Insert part. However, some other parts might be appeared on other Victorian fireplace designs. They are; surround is the front side support and the mantelpiece of the fireplace, usually it made from wood, marble or limestone. Heart is a bottom part of the fireplace which can be made from granite slab, tiled ceramic or any other stones. Insert is the place to burn the woods. The styles of insert can be square, arched, squared or tiled.

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Next is tiles, this part of vintage fireplace is made from marble, ceramic, or other good quality materials. Then, mantel shelf is Surround decorative upper part which has function as holder for Christmas socks or picture frames. Vintage fireplace design in Victorian style also comes with wide variation types to choose. They are Victorian type, art nouveau, and English arts and crafts. Each type will serve you different effect toward your room.

16 Photos of the Adorable Vintage Fireplace Design of Victorian Era

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