Backyard Decorating Ideas to Celebrate New Year at Home!

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Howdy everyone, new years 2015 is coming soon, time moves so fast, hopefully we become a better person in the next year! To celebrate the end of this year and in order to welcome new year’s eve party, this time Newtonvillages has been providing special inspiration for those of you who will celebrate this new year with family at home. Instead of spending time outside, it is better to gather with family and get a warm atmosphere at home, and backyard is the best place to celebrate it. If you agree with us, then the backyard decorating ideas are things you need to prepare for this special event. Here we discuss some of the things you need to prepare to create small backyard landscape ideas for a beautiful and memorable party.

Special Lighting is the Main Thing in Decorating
Backyard decorating ideas will not taste wonderful and vibrant without flickering of beautiful lights that adorn on the trees and in your garden. It is true, in every party, both indoors and outdoors, lighting plays a very important role to create a different atmosphere according with the theme of your event. For beautify small backyard designs, what is needed is a gorgeous lighting of small strands of lights you can install horizontally as the ceiling of your party location. These lights can also be installed encircling the tree and then let it hung down to the ground like the roots of a tree. You can get very beautiful landscape only by creativity through this simple lamp.

small backyard designs

Decoration lights that are not less beautiful is paper lamp shades like lanterns that can be hanged along with a string of lights before, or put it separately at the corners of the location of your event. You also can make it as a floor lamp and set it on along the trail to your backyard. This backyard decorating ideas also presents a romantic effect on the atmosphere of your party later.

Studded Food and Drinks for Party
How could a party would be complete without food and drink in abundance? Things you should consider as a further backyard decorating ideas are decorating and order of food and beverages served. You, as the host must be able to bring the atmosphere of a barbecue theme with an attractive appearance plus a small decoration as a sweetener of your dining table.

Small backyard designs would not be beautiful without decoration of the dining table accordingly. Provide stratified shelf for small foods, such as cookies or cupcakes, prepare drinks and also complete it with its container and ice cubes. Do not forget the variety of food for your barbecue party.

small backyard designs

Watch Movie Together in your Backyard? Why not?
Watching the show with the family is the most important point to complete your backyard decorating ideas. For this one, you really need to decorate your backyard with a little effort. You can prepare some lounge chair which is very suitable to be applied in your backyard, or just put a picnic mat on the grass later. Prepare projector and a white cloth as a screen. After you finish the meal together, you can watch your favorite movies with family and await the turn of the year, staring at the night sky filled with fireworks. Good luck and happy new years everyone!

10 Photos of the Backyard Decorating Ideas to Celebrate New Year at Home!

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