Top Living Room Drapes Ideas for Window Covering

living room drapes and curtains

Topic about the living room is never-ending. This time, to complete your needs about living room decorations, then we classify the two top living room drapes that maybe you can make as an inspiration to decorate your home later.

Modern Living Room Drapes
Modern living room drapes are usually dominated by neutral colors such as cream, brown, black or just white. It is actually to make it customize with the theme of the room itself, because modern living room is close enough with simplicity and minimalist room. The model is also not too complicated with various folded on it. These drapes are also not too much layered or stratified. Just take long drapes that hung from the ceiling to your floor. This type is very good for living room with tall and big windows.

drapery panels

For those of you who have a living room with a standard window size, you do not need to worry, because you can still apply the idea of modern living room drapes in your room. Medium size drapes will be good for yours, with plain or patterned colors option. Patterned on your drape will brighten up your pale room. But for those of you who have a living room with furniture that is already in full color and full patterns, of course plain drapes would be a wise option to fit everything.

Luxurious and Traditional Living Room Drapes
For the living room drapes are applied to houses with the traditional feel of a luxurious and elegant, silk drapes it is a good offer for you to use. As you know, type of silk is kind of drapes with smooth and shiny surface. This can be displayed in a solid or with a full pattern. Typically, to matches the theme of the room, the drapes curtain is made with more complicated folds at the top of it, it’s often create a very beautiful display with this unique fold.

It requires a longer fabric than the modern one, because of more folds are created, then the better result you will get for your room satisfaction. Our advice in choosing colors is to choose colors that warm but still luxurious, such as a blend of gold and brown color, maroon with black or yellow. Try to experiment with some of these colors to produce an attractive color combination according to your living room.

living room drapes and curtains

10 Photos of the Top Living Room Drapes Ideas for Window Covering

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